Cutting Costs and Improving Your Bottom Line in the Motor Trade

We’re in a bit of a fix around the country at the moment.  The financial difficulties that have beset the world have hit a lot of families hard, so it’s no surprise to see a lot of small businesses go under.  One area that has remained protected from these problems, however, is the motor trade.  This year, sales of new cars in the UK rose a massive 8%.  Now, while most of this is clawing back the ground lost when the financial bubble first popped, there are new customers appearing to breathe new life into a great old industry.

Let’s start selling

Now, while this is great news for car salesmen around the country, don’t rush out to become a used car salesman just yet.  At the same time as new car sales reached this high point, the average price of used cars has dropped to its lowest in a year.  While this means that a lot of used car dealerships are not getting as good value for their time, it has opened a whole new area of opportunity for those willing to spend some time.

Average prices have opened up a huge difference depending on region.  While cars in London may still be relatively expensive, their price in the South West, for example, is a lot lower.  So get travelling around the country to find those top deals, bring them back and sell them for a tasty profit.

The other thing that a lot of people are looking at is how to make money quickly.  Many people are selling possessions quickly in order to pay off debt or to invest in a new venture.  One of the things that tend to go is the second car.  With people looking to sell quickly, bargains can be had.

Know What You’re Looking At

Be careful, though.  You need to know exactly what you are doing.  Spending your hard earned cash on a car with a dud part or two could see your investment go right down the drain, so be careful.  Take care, too, with your costs, one of which is your insurance.

By taking out motor traders insurance, you are making sure that you are covered should anything happen while you transport the cars and while your customers test drive.  As with other insurance, make sure you read all the small print in your motor trade insurance, as there may be a surprise if you don’t go with professionals.  So get good advice from those professionals.

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