Careless Car Parking Costing Innocent Drivers

The cost of accidents caused by careless car parking is thought to have contributed to £1.3 million worth of damage, a recent study has revealed.

Apparently 1 in 6 drivers would never leave their insurance details and 45% would only consider it if it looked serious, despite careless car parking costing a reported £1.3 billion of damage.

The majority of these incidents are happening on the street where drivers are forced to pull out of tight spots and are generally in a rush.

The consequence of this is that victims on average end up paying out £1800 in repair costs for damage caused by so-called ‘prank and runs’ and even risk losing their no-claims bonuses when making a claim. Furthermore, victims usually end up paying out a hefty ‘excess’ charge on top.

Insurance experts at eQuoteDirect who specialise in car insurance and motor trade insurance have advised being careful where you park and when you can, avoiding tight spots where another car might try to squeeze in near yours making it vulnerable to damage.

A spokesperson for eQuoteDirect, comments: ‘Most of the time these incidents are unfortunately unavoidable, as in busy built-up areas where parking is limited accidents can happen. However if there is another parking option available or somewhere with more room for tricky manoeuvres, this is probably a much safer option for somewhere to leave your car’.

The study also reported that the majority of cases occur where the owner of the car isn’t in the car. Therefore, when the owner returns to the scene they are usually left with evidence of the prang but no contact details owning up to the accident by the person responsible.

eQuoteDirect also warn car owners that even those who aren’t involved in an accident are paying the cost for these accidents as every case pushes up the cost of car insurance – and the number of prangs looks set to rise.

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