Motor Insurance Database Update

When should I add vehicles to the database?

Regulations state that the data must be supplied ‘immediately’. It should therefore be done as soon as possible, preferably on the same day, to ensure the database is kept up to date. The 4th EU Motor Insurance Directive states that you are required and responsible for updating the Motor Insurance Database (MID). You must provide the registration numbers and model details of all vehicles that you own that will be driven, used or parked on a road or public place which are covered by your Motor Trade policy.

What vehicles should I add to the database?

All vehicles insured on your policy and all trade plates owned by you should be added, including the following:

  • All personally owned vehicles registered to you
  • Customers’ vehicles in your custody or control
  • Other vehicles, irrespective of the duration, regularly covered under your policy for motor trade purposes
When should I remove vehicles from the database?

When you sell any vehicle, it must be removed from the database as soon as possible. If you fail to remove a vehicle, you may still be liable for claims involving the vehicle even though you have sold it.

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