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Great Job Driving Instructors!

We had a fantastic response to our road signs quiz last week.

We thought we’d share an overview of the statistics as they currently stand so you could see where you sat amongst the people who participated.

Initially shared amongst forums and social media pages of Driving instructors and driving schools, the quiz soon spread far and wide on social media. Whilst it was just a light hearted quiz, which we didn’t make too easy, these questions were based on the signs of the Highway Code.
The results show, that 69% of people that answered, got 7/10 or over indicating a traditional pass. This shows that the Driving Instructors of Great Britain are insuring our motorists are safe on the roads.
Keep your eyes peeled in the future for more quizzes like this.

The results.

10/10 Answered Correctly was 14.5%
9/10 Answered Correctly was 18%
8/10 Answered Correctly was 19.5%
7/10 Answered Correctly was 17%
6/10 Answered Correctly was 12%
5/10 Answered Correctly was 10.5%
4/10 Answered Correctly was 4%
3/10 Answered Correctly was 3.5%
2/10 Answered correctly was 1%

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