Whatever vehicles your company’s fleet consists of, make sure it is all protected with fleet insurance


If you own a business that requires a fleet of vehicles to operate on a daily basis, you should make sure you are appropriately covered in the event of a claim being made against one of the drivers or one of your vehicles in your fleet. Unfortunately accidents do happen frequently on our roads and although you cannot foresee if an accident that may be subject to a claim can happen, you can ensure that every vehicle in your fleet is adequately covered with fleet insurance.

This level of insurance is quite specialised, as a business may have vehicles in their fleet ranging from everything from bicycles to trucks, so it is very important that you take out the correct level of insurance cover as an incorrect policy could result in you not being appropriately covered in the event of a claim. However, there are many fleet insurance providers that can offer a bespoke policy that uniquely caters to the type of fleet of vehicles that you are in possession of. A bespoke approach rivals a standard policy as you can feel comforted to know that every vehicle is fully insured. A standard policy that caters only to vans or trucks is no use if you have cars in your fleet.

Another thing you will find with fleet insurance is that there is also the option to have a company car insured. This is quite beneficial for companies that have employees who have to travel to meetings on a weekly basis as you can then offer them a company car which can subsequently be insured on your fleet insurance policy rather than having to take out individual policies per vehicle. From a cost saving perspective, you can also save quite a lot of money from insuring your fleet of company cars on a group fleet insurance policy rather than individually.

Even if you are a courier service operating in a city and have a selection of bikes that your courier employees use, if you choose a bespoke policy or a bike specific fleet insurance policy then you will be able to provide adequate cover for your employees should they be involved in a claim. There are many things that your insurance provider can assist you with costs for should a claim occur. Claims can be anything from accidents on the road to breakdowns and repairs. Once you know that your entire fleet has comprehensive insurance you can feel comforted to know that you are fully and financially prepared in the event of a claim.

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