Improving Driver Behaviour and Working with Brokers Can Lower Commercial Fleet Insurance

Commercial fleets can consist of a lot of vehicles and using a broker to obtain a canopy insurance package to cover them all, is the best way to keep insurance low.  Beyond that, the best way to keep quote prices at a minimum is to train drivers to be extra professional when taking to the road.

Market researchers Finaccord, recently revealed that more companies are seeking commercial fleet insurance year on year.  The increase indicates how savvy businesspeople have become when applying for insurance – discounts are available through these specialist deals, especially when operating through a qualified broker.

Brokers assess the overall record of a fleet and if drivers are well trained – the likelihood of accidents goes down and so too can the price of insurance.  Winter driving courses can be obtained fairly cheaply through bulk orders and are well worth the effort.  Qualifications alone may or may not bring insurance quotes down but the resulting driving behaviour will pay huge dividends in the long run.

Outlining the extent of your desired insurance to a broker can prep them to go off and negotiate a tailor made policy for your fleet.  With a trained set of drivers, your claims will be at a minimum and with that clean record, brokers have an even better chance of finding an inexpensive package for you.

Intensive and defensive driver training courses are widely available online for commercial fleets.  Utilising these in conjunction with good industry practice can go a long way to ensuring your drivers are advanced enough to keep the risk of accidents extremely low – in turn, your fleet car insurance will be diluted to a very attractive amount and with a broker’s help, it may be even cheaper.

Brokers know the applicable risks associated with your business and together you can seek not only cheap insurance but adequate insurance too.  Should a trained driver have a mishap and need to claim, your brokered deal can guarantee you are covered – providing you outline that risk area to your broker before signing a deal.


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