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General Questions

These questions are more generic across our range of insurance products. Each specific insurance type will have more specific questions on their own product page.

A policy excess is the amount paid by the policy holder in the event of a fault, claim, fire or theft. No matter what the cost of a claim, the policy excess remains the same.

A compulsory excess is the standard insurers excess, and an additional voluntary excess may be added on to reduce the premium. The total excess is a combination of the two, and this is the amount to be paid in the event of a claim.

After each year of claim free insurance, you will be awarded a years no claims bonus. Insurers offer higher discounts to those with more years no claims bonus. Generally, insurers will only accept no claims bonus that are earned in the UK and are less than 2 years old.

No claims bonus is not applicable to all policy types, however insurers will take into account how long you have held insurance for and have been claim free.

You will need to show proof of your no claims bonus from your previous insurer or broker.
Endorsements are usually found of the Policy Schedule, and they are additional terms applied to a policy applied by the insurer to make an amendment to the standard policy cover. They are used to either extend or decrease the level of cover. Before taking out a policy, it is good practise to check if there are any additional endorsements on the policy to make sure the cover is suitable for you.
Each insurer calculates the refund given in the event of cancellation differently, so we would suggest referring to your policy booklet for further details or speaking to one of our advisors.
If you need to make an amendment to your policy mid-term, contact one of our advisos on 01227 285540 who will be able to process the change for you.
If you currently have a policy with us and recommend a friend to us who goes on to take a policy out with us, you could get up to £50! Click here for further details.
We have flexible payment options available that allow you to spread the cost of your insurance premium over the year. Speak to one of our advisors on 01227 285540 for further details.
Yes, as soon as you give us confirmation to go ahead with the cover and have made a payment (either in full, or a deposit) we can get cover in place immediately for you.

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