Don’t risk the reputation of your driving school and take out driving instructor insurance

As a driving instructor you need to make sure that you constantly offer a reputable and reliable service to your students. This is everything from making sure you are up to date with the latest driving regulations and rules to ensuring your vehicle and student are appropriately insured. There are some driving instructors that think basic car insurance is enough to protect themselves in the event of an incident on the road that they would need to claim for, but this level of insurance is certainly not enough to fully cover you. If you do not take out adequate driving instructor insurance then you could risk the reputation of your driving school service and suffer from financial loss as a result.

If you simply take out car insurance to protect your driving school, you could find that when you or your student are subject to a claim your current insurance provider will not fund the costs to pay for the claim. If this happens your student will be dissatisfied with your service as they may have to pay for the costs of the claim from their own profit, this would cause them to look elsewhere for a driving instructor.

Those looking for a driving instructor want to know that the service they choose is safe and secure, the main sign that it offers these qualities is if the driving instructor has fully comprehensive driving instructor insurance. If a student driver finds out you are not appropriately insured they will be reluctant to use your services as the threat of an accident and not receiving appropriate cover will put them off using you as a driving instructor.

Also, another risk to not using adequate driving instructor insurance is if word of mouth gets out to potential students that you are not fully insured this will highly damage your reputation in the area. As a result, students will choose alternative driving schools over yours causing you to lose financial stability.

If you are not fully aware of the requirements needed for your driving instructor insurance then it is best to take out a specialised insurance policy. A specialised insurance package is completely unique to your business so you will be able to get exactly what you legally need from a policy while removing any expensive extras that you do not require. Once you are comprehensively covered against claims your students will be comfortable in using you throughout their driving education.

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