Regular Car Maintenance Can Prevent Rising Driving Instructor Insurance Quotes

It is inevitable that learner drivers will stall, over-rev, ride the clutch and brake too hard – it is all part of the learning curve.  Still, such driving takes its toll on the car and if instructors fail to maintain their vehicle, they could encounter road accidents as a result and drive up their quotes unnecessarily.

Fully qualified instructors are the safest drivers on the road, so too are their pupils while being supervised.  The instructors who put the effort in between lessons are even safer and ensure their car is always fit to withstand a day of unintentional abuse from novice drivers.  These are the teachers who can benefit from lower driving instructor insurance quotes.

A neglected vehicle is prone to engine and clutch failure but more importantly, it can be susceptible to brake failure.  Emergency-stops put pressure on the brake fluid and if this is at a low level, the pressure may be too much and the car won’t stop in time – which is particularly dangerous when instructors need to intervene.

Learner drivers probably use their indicators more than regular motorists but if they are not working, it can be hard to identify the fault from inside older cars without dashboard warning lights.  Therefore, it can be hard for following roadsters to perceive the intentions of a learner who is driving without operational indicators and can switch lanes erratically in confusion.

Car maintenance goes a long way in general but it is even more important for instructors.  The safety of the learner is paramount, along with their own safety but damage to their vehicle is damage to their income and without insurance they could be out of pocket – just because they failed to identify a single vehicle fault.

There are ways to lower driving instructor car insurance premiums such as teaching during off-peak hours only but it is imperative for the instructor to notify their insurer about such specific information in order to get the discount.  Not all insurers will adjust quotes for teaching hours etc, but insurance brokers will.

Applying for insurance through a broker allows instructors to discuss their whole operation and the broker will then create a bespoke insurance package to match – a package which can work out cheaper and provide more extensive cover.

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