Make sure your HGV drivers are legally in line with HGV Insurance

If you own a company that has a fleet or HGV drivers, or drive a HGV vehicle yourself, you will be fully aware of what the legal requirements are to drive on the roads. However, many HGV drivers are not aware that it is a legal necessity to have HGV insurance to drive on public roads and highways. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in a criminal conviction so it is important that you research exactly what type of HGV insurance you or your HGV drivers need to avoid any police action.

Having comprehensive HGV insurance shows that you are legally able and qualified to drive a high goods vehicle, be it a truck or a lorry so it is imperative that you ensure you have adequate cover. Some insurance companies may not provide you with full cover that you require such as breakdown assistance or even accidents on the road. If you do not have adequate HGV insurance then in the event of a claim being made against you, you could be held as liable and risk court action if your insurance company will not pay up for any costs to pay for the claim.

Luckily, if you are confused over the legal HGV insurance requirements there is a specialised approach to HGV insurance that is the best option to follow. With this level of insurance you have the facility to deal with insurance brokers who specialise in HGV insurance, meaning they know the legal requirements and what extras you need and which ones you don’t. Specialised insurance brokers are constantly kept up to date with the legal requirements for HGVs and as laws can change frequently they are able to update you constantly on whether or not you have the correct level of protection. By taking this approach you can be confident in knowing that you are legally in line with the law’s requirements for drivers that use HGV vehicles.

There is no denying that a run in with the police over failure to present adequate HGV insurance can be highly damaging. This can extend to financial damage and reputation damage, as customers and clients are more likely to choose a HGV service if the drivers and vehicles are all covered by insurance. Therefore it is highly worth realising how a small investment into HGV insurance can pay off greatly in the future by avoiding any reputation loss or financial damage.

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