Brokers Examine Britain’s Best and Worst Van Drivers

Driving a van in the UK automatically gives you a ‘negative road reputation’ according to eQuote Direct – a broker that specialises in finding fair insurance for convicted roadsters.
eQuote Direct have recently advised drivers of any vehicle to be honest when filing for insurance – explaining road convictions needn’t always inflate a premium excessively. For van drivers, the broker’s support could be something to cling onto as they come under fire in the way of statistics, again:

On a national average, research shows more than 15 per cent of van drivers are carrying penalties on their license. That figure stretches beyond 17 per cent in the south east (mainly London). As less than half of that percentage reportedly applies to car drivers in the UK, a surge of negativity surrounding the ‘White Van Man’ has been reignited this month.
Meanwhile, eQuote Direct is looking at the bigger picture and believes a detrimental ‘generalisation’ of van drivers could be unfair. Still, the broker is keen to underline how a van driver’s portrayal in the media ought to be far less of a worry for them than dangers such as theft this winter.
A spokesperson for eQuote Direct commented:
‘If you’re driving a van in the UK, then no matter how careful you are – rest assured that you have a negative road reputation. There is an imbalanced generalisation of van drivers here and although a small number of them do push their luck on our roads, it’s important to remember that the majority are professional drivers, who are likely to have more road experience than those of us just commuting back and forth.
‘Nevertheless, commercial van drivers have much more serious concerns than how they’re perceived by the public; winter is coming and so too is the yearly influx in theft. It’s not just merchandise and tools at risk now – it’s been reported in Lincolnshire that gangs are even snatching catalytic converters from vans! We’re here to help everyone when it comes to protection.’
eQuote Direct’s standpoint on this issue is characteristically supportive. As a dutiful broker, the firm will continue to seek out the fairest insurance policies for every client; whether that client is a van driver susceptible to high levels of theft in their area or one of the 2.4 per cent who have been found guilty of using their phones while driving in the last five years.
Professional assistance with convicted driver insurance can be the difference between sacrificing an entire livelihood and affordably getting back on the road.

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