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Whether you sell vehicles from a forecourt or privately from your home address, repair vehicles or valet them, it is essential that you have the right cover.
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As part of our insurance we also offer:

  • Instant Cover.
  • Flexible payment plans to spread the cost of your policy payments.
  • Bespoke insurance policies for full time or part time traders.
  • Combined motor trade policies to cover all areas of your business.

What is motor trade insurance?

Motor Trade Insurance is a more common name for a policy containing Road Risk Insurance. Most traders or businesses within the motor trade industry will need a combination of insurance to cover every aspect of their business.
If you work in any business that handles other people’s vehicles, then you would need motor trade insurance.

More About Our Motor Trade Policies

Do I need Road Risk Insurance?

A Road Risk policy will provide you with cover for driving any vehicle used in relation to your motor trade business. If you are responsible in any way for a customer’s vehicle whilst carrying out work or repairs to the vehicle, then you will need Road Risks insurance.
This can be tailored according to your line of business to include circumstances such as sales demonstrations or the delivery of a vehicle back to a customer following a repair or valet.

Typical examples are:

  • Car showrooms requiring the need to demonstrate vehicles.
  • Garages and MOT centres.
  • Mechanics and body repair shops who need to move vehicles around the premises and deliver them to customers.
  • Car valets needing to move customers cars around the premises or deliver/return them to customers.
  • Car delivery agents.

Who needs motor trade insurance?

There are many types of businesses and skilled trades that fall under the category of motor trade. We can provide cover for nearly all types of motor trader. The list below shows some of the types of business that are considered “Motor Trade” businesses.
If your business isn’t listed, we can still help you to get the right insurance cover.

    • Auto Electricians
    • Body Customisation Garages
    • Bodyshop & Repairs
    • Car Delivery Agents
    • Car Valeters
    • Classic Car Repair Shops
    • Full Time Auto Traders
    • Imported Vehicle Dealerships
    • Mechanics
    • Part Time Auto Traders
    • Tyre & Exhaust Fitters
    • Vehicle Alarm Fitters
    • Vehicle Recovery Drivers
    • Wheel Repair Specialists

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Our Motor Trade policy explained.

Our motor trade policies will be tailored to meet your specific business requirements, whether it is your full time or part time occupation and whether you work from your home or a business address. Usually, a motor trade insurance policy will consist of several parts.

Some key areas you need to consider include:

Cover for driving vehicles on the road (Road Risk) -€“ Your policy will provide you with cover for driving any vehicle in your care, custody or control belonging to a customer. This will be tailored to your individual circumstances such as, whether you need to deliver the vehicle to a customer’s home address, demonstrate a multitude of vehicles on a regular basis on public roads or just when moving vehicles around your local business premises.

Public Liability Insurance – This will protect your business from claims made against you by third parties for injuries or damage to property, caused as a result of your business activities. For example if you sold a car that was involved in an accident on the customer’€™s journey home due to a brake failure or a tyre working itself loose following its replacement at your facility, you would be covered for any damages to the customer’s property or assets.

Employer’s Liability Insurance -€“ You are required if you employ anyone, to cover the cost of compensation, should they be unfortunate to be injured whilst at work.

Asset Cover -€“ This will cover for the cars you have in stock, your tools and machinery, your office equipment and even your business premises can be added into a combined policy should you need it.

In addition to being able to tailor your road risk and liability cover to suit your needs, we also have a range of additional cover options to give you extra peace of mind, including:

Legal Expenses Cover -€“ Legal expenses cover is a type of insurance you can buy as part of your motor trade insurance to cover yourself against the potential costs of legal action either brought by you or against you as a road user.
Breakdown Cover -€“ This will cover your own vehicle, so you can be recovered back to your premises in the event of a breakdown.
Excess Protection -€“ If you are unfortunate enough to need to make a claim you can recover your excess after the event.
Windscreen Cover  -€“ We now also offer cover for the repair or replacement of damaged windows or the windscreen of vehicles owned by the policy holder.

All our additional policies have different covers, so please check your policy wording.

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A few more questions?

For those dealing with customers vehicles in their care, a road risks policy will enable you to drive those vehicles for the purposes of your business.

We can offer combined packages for those with premises away from home so if you trade from a forecourt or a garage then we can tailor a policy giving the right cover for your business.

We have access to schemes that cover the following types of vehicle: Modified, Imported, High Performance, Commercial Vehicles up to 44 tonne, Kit and Classic cars, Motorcycles, American and Canadian Vehicles. If a vehicle you are looking to cover is not listed, please call us to discuss your requirements on 01227285540.

To be eligible for a Motor Trade policy you need to prove you are a genuine trader. All insurers can at any time request proof which will usually be in the form of receipts that have a connection to the type of trade you are in.

You will need to have a minimum turnover of vehicles for sales usually between 6 – 10 per year if you are part-time.

A lot of brokers have strict criteria in regards to the cover they can offer. Here at we have access to various bespoke schemes that can cater for those that may fall outside of that such as convicted drivers, drivers with zero no claims bonus or that have had problems securing the right cover for their business for various reasons.

Yes we can offer cover for handheld tools, plant and machinery and diagnostics equipment.

Yes, we offer policies for both full time and part time traders.

Here at we have access to various bespoke schemes that can cater for those that may fall outside of that such as convicted drivers and drivers with zero no claims bonus.

As standard, our policies provide the minimum cover required by law to use the vehicle in and country which is a member of the European Union. Cover can be extended to match the level of cover on the policy for an additional premium.

As standard you will able to add your own personal vehicles to the policy.

We can offer policies to include additional named drivers. This would usually only be extended for Business Partners, Employees and Spouses.

The MID is the central record of all insured vehicles in the UK. It is managed by the MIB (Motor Insurance Bureau) and is used by the Police and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to enforce motor insurance laws.

The process of adding and removing vehicles from the MID is dependent on the insurer your policy is with and we would provide you with full details when you take a policy out with us. It is a very simple process for all insurers and you don’t need to be a technology whizz to do it!
You can add vehicles here at any point.

Yes, providing that you meet the criteria for a Motor Trade policy, and providing you are happy with the quotation provided, we can get you covered immediately. We would need to take at least a deposit payment from you over the phone for cover to commence.

No, we can offer you flexible payment terms which will allow you to pay for your policy over instalments. For more information, please call us on 01227 285540.

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