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Motor Trade Insurance

Protect your business with our motor traders insurance which provides you with cover for when unfortunate things happen. Our specialist brokers understand your needs as a business owner and will help you to find the cheapest deal and the best policy for your trade.

✔ Immediate cover
✔ Payment made easy
✔ Tailored insurance policies
✔ Suitable for any motor trade business
✔ Trade Car Insurance for full and part time traders

Motor Trade Insurance Explained

Anybody who works in the motor trade selling, repairing or buying vehicles is at risk of losing money in their business. Accidental damage, theft and fire all pose a risk to those who may own a garage or dealership, be a fitter, mechanic, valet or do any job within the motor trade. But you can be protected with the help of our experienced and knowledgeable motor traders insurance specialists.

From Liability Traders Car Insurance to Combined Cover

Whether you are a small or large business; you employ members of staff; have the public on your premises; or work remotely, our brokers can find cheap motor trade insurance and even offer bespoke solutions.
There are several types of traders car insurance from those which provide cover for those working with the general public on a daily basis to those who require an extensive combined policy. This type of cover offers wider protection across your whole business, and can include cover for other parts of your business. An eQuoteDirect broker will be able to provide expert advice to help you identify potential risks.

Get a Cheap Motor Trade Insurance Quote

Our motor trade insurance provides a complete claims management service, immediate cover and flexible payment options. eQuoteDirect brokers are available to chat to if you have any questions regarding traders car insurance, on 0800 988 9255 or alternatively, fill out the quick and easy online and we’ll get straight back to you.

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Latest comment from Insurance Brokers on Referral Fees

In the last 11 years, the cost of personal injuries has doubled to approximately £14 billion and fraud remains the biggest threat to motor insurers. One veteran insurance broker gives their opinion on both issues.

eQuoteDirect is a motor trade insurance brokers in Kent.  The firm has been operating since before Labour legalised referral fees in 2004, so is well-positioned to comment on how the change affected the industry and how its impending ban could impact the modern insurance sector.


Cutting Costs and Improving Your Bottom Line in the Motor Trade

We’re in a bit of a fix around the country at the moment.  The financial difficulties that have beset the world have hit a lot of families hard, so it’s no surprise to see a lot of small businesses go under.  One area that has remained protected from these problems, however, is the motor trade.  This year, sales of new cars in the UK rose a massive 8%.  Now, while most of this is clawing back the ground lost when the financial bubble first popped, there are new customers appearing to breathe new life into a great old industry.


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